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Copperware Page
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121/4" x 11"x 11¼” Décor Copper Chafing Dish with Glass Lid, 2½ Quarts
12” x 15” Round Antique Copper Chafing Dish, 3 Qt.
13 1/2" Square Decor Copper Hammered Tray
13½” x 18” Rectangular Décor Copper Hammered Tray
15” x 11” Oval Decor Copper Tray w/Cast Brass Handle
161/2" x 121/2" x 18" Oval Decor Copper Chafing Dish, 6 Qt.
16¾”x10” Sol. Copper Polenta Pan,Wood Handle, 5 Qt
17” x 13” Oval Decor Copper Tray w/Cast Brass Handle
21" x 16" x 19" Rect Ant. Copper Chafing Dish, 8 Qt.
27¼” x 11” Heavy Gauge Decor Copper Oval Tray
Decor Copper & Brass Fondue w/6 Forks
Decor Copper Covered Fish Platter
Decor Copper Double Chiller w/Al Insert
Decor Copper Fondue Set w/ 1 1/2 Qt Ceramic Insert
Decor Copper Footed Colander/CenterPiece
Decor Copper Lined Ice Bucket, Brass Tongs
Decor Copper Wine Cooler
Heavy Guage Copper Tray
Oval Antique Copper Chafing Dish
Round Decor Copper Chafing Dish
Round Decor Copper Party Tub
Set 4 Art Nouveau Canisters, 4Qt, 2Qt, 11/2Qt, 1Qt
Set of 3 Oval Trays w/Cast Brass Handles

Old Dutch International

Old Dutch International has been supplying imported copper cookware and gifts since 1950. They are famous for their copperware. The even heating and quick response to temperature changes makes copper cookware a favorite among cooks. The warm patina and glow of the copperware makes it ideal for decorating the kitchen. Beating egg whites in copper bowls makes them lighter and fluffier every time. Mycookwareshop.com is pleased to offer this fine Old Dutch International copperware and decorative copper items for your kitchen. We hope you enjoy decorating your kitchen with the copperware collection from Old Dutch International.